Super Magnetic Neo Review

Despite its few frustrating control issues, Neo is a surprisingly polished product.

UnderRadar: Episode 33 – Super Magnetic Neo

I’m trying my best not to be so…NEGATIVE!…so I’m…POSITIVE!…that you’ll enjoy this episode!……..okay I’ll pack my things :c



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I’m Playing: Super Magnetic Neo (Dreamcast)

I’m playing Super Magnetic Neo on the Sega Dreamcast!

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Super Magnetic Neo | Sega Dreamcast | Unbox + Play!

Today I’m unboxing and playing one of the most bizarre, strange and highly underrated games on the Sega Dreamcast… Super Magnetic Neo!

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Super Magnetic Neo (Dreamcast) – Ultra Healthy Video Game Nerd

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If you can’t believe I’m reviewing a 3D platformer, good! That means you’ve been watching my other videos. Super Magnetic Neo on the Dreamcast is a delightful (and brutal) excursion through the wacky Japanese imagination that we all love so much. It’s so good, the number of dimensions is insignificant.

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